2019 Milan to Monaco Challenge

Milan to Monaco Challenge 2019

Cycle across three countries in four days on this epic 400 km challenge to jump start motor sports safety. This stunning cycle takes you from the stylish Milan in northern Italy to Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, lying on the French Mediterranean coast. Along the way, you’ll ride through Italian towns, alpine mountains and along gleaming coastlines to the “Pearl of France”, aka. Menton. Upon crossing the border to Monaco, you’ll be in pole position to cycle alongside Formula 1 stars on the sixth Sean Edwards Foundation Memorial Bike Ride. Celebrities who have previously saddled up for this event include Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenburg, Jenson Button and Eddie Jordan.

This bucket-list cycle ends just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, which you might know as "Monte Carlo" as most of the circuit lies in the beautiful coastal principality of Monte Carlo, where we spend our last night of the challenge. Our sense of achievement by this point will make the evening lights over the water seem even more magical.

Conquering 400 km in four days is no easy feat but you’ll be rewarded for the long rides and the steep climbs with gorgeous scenery and a brilliant sense of achievement for having conquered a stupendous challenge for an incredible cause.

For more information and book your place visit www.dream-challenges.com/challenges/cycle-milan-to-monaco.

Event information:

Friday 17th May 2019

Start Location:

Friday 22nd May 2019

Finish Location:


3 countries (Italy, France, Monaco) in 4 days
400km ride
Same week as the Monaco Grand Prix

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