Marco Bonanomi

Sean Edwards Ambassador


Twitter: @marcobonanomi


Instagram: @marcobonanomi

SEF: What’s your favourite circuit and why?
Spa, is a quick track with some of most iconic corners in the world.

SEF: What do think about motorsport safety? Do you feel it’s too strict with aspects like run offs for instance or should more be being done?
Safety is improving every year and that’s the priority in our sport, but still I love to drive in “old school” tracks they give you more adrenaline.

SEF: Your best ever race; where and when was it?
Probably Monza Blancpain 2012, we started dead last due to problems in Quali and finished 2nd under a heavy rain with a grid of 53 cars!

SEF: Who is your motorsport hero?
Senna is the one that give me more emotions overtime I watch his videos.

SEF: What is the best race car you have ever driven?
Audi R18 e-tron Quattro

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